Zoiper Professional 5 Softphone

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Zoiper is a leading provider of softphone solutions for both free and commercial use. Zoiper 5 is the latest itteration of the Zoiper Softphone, and provides secure, PBX brand agnostic VoIP communication on an easy to use, UC enabled software interface.

• SIP & IAX enabled
• G.729 support
• Voice and video call support
• Auto provisioning support
• Jabra & Plantronics plug-in
• Call forward, recording, ignore, hold, conference, transfer
• Voicemail
• IM support

• PBX brand agnostic (SIP support required)
• Secure communication
• Easy to use interface
• Zoiper works on Windows, Mac and Linux
• The professional version enables G.729 communication
• Low footprint
• UC enabled
• Contact synchronisation